Vitaly Pushnitsky

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NOVI Museum. The private museum of contemporary art, Aslan Chekhoev collection. St.-Petersburg, Russia
Friday, 04 June 2010 00:00
The first museum of contemporary art - NOVI MUSEUM - was opened in St.-Petersburg and some works of Vitaly Pushnitsky were included in permanent exposition. Aslan Chekhoev collection has been formed for 20 years and it is as rich and multifarious as the collection of Moscow Modern Art museum and The State Tretiakov Gallery are. The old fashion building on Vasilevsky Island in the city center was bought especially for collection representation. This event is especially interesting - it is absolutely new and unique experience in Russian private actual modern art collectors activity.
Back Light. The series of exhibitions in russian regional museum centers. The last one is in the Perm Exhibition Hall, PERM ALIVE Art Festival.
Friday, 30 April 2010 00:00
Back light - the retrospective project of the artist which allows us to see him as a graphic artist, and the painter, both the sculptor, and the master of installations etc. It is possible to make a monographic image of Pushnitsky: more than 200 works, return us impression about Pushnitsky as about the mature artist, who has developed his own plastic well recognised language, the type of outlook and world refraction herein. Vitaly Pushnitsky has not shown in Russia such large-scale project yet.

Always Other Art. The Moscow contemporary art museum, Viktor Bondarenko collection exhibition. Moscow, Russia
Wednesday, 10 March 2010 00:00
The basic idea of an exhibition - to display the modern art history through a prism of a private collection. Among artists who are presented in collection, there are all sign figures of contemporary Russian art, including Oscar Rabin, Vladimir Nemuhin, Michael Shvartsman, Eric Bulatov, Ilja Kabakov, Ernest Neizvestnyj, Dmitry Gutov, Alexander Kosolapov, Oleg Kulik and a many others. But Bondarenko's focus of interest is not limited only to stars. Its collection covers a wide range of the modern art, its different lines, areas and media. 3 works of Vitaly Pushnitsky were also included in this MCAM exposition, they have been bought to collection for last 5 years.
Cells: solitary confinements. The huge personal sculptural project for RuArts gallery, Moscow.
Friday, 23 October 2009 00:00
Vitaly Pushnitsky is interested in spaces. There are a lot of space, measurements, relativities of volumes reflections in his activity and these reflections are inherent to the sculpture genre itself. In this place the image of space mixes up at Pushnitsky`s works with thinking idea and its perception as structures. From now the concept of structures, their kinds and possibilities become the central thread in other series of works. The project is especially important because of sculptor reputation assigns to Pushnitsky and gives the chance to rethink anew the previous series where the space idea was  dared by possibilities of light, surfaces, a mimicry of genres. It seems that from day to day modern artists become similar to masters of Renaissance with their interest to the diversified kinds of activity.

Prisons, temples and banks. The experimental sculpture executed and presented in the Danish gallery, and then in Moscow.
Monday, 21 September 2009 00:00
The most important question - is it possible to name today a sculpture A SCULPTURE in traditional understanding of this genre? Where a line between installation, object, an architectural element or land art design and the SCULPTURE passes? Classical definition of a genre as «the kind of the fine arts, which product have the volume form and are carried out from hard or plastic materials» is absolutely the same for all above-listed concepts and phenomena. A series of sculptural objects «Prisons, temples and banks» is a research field for the decision of this question, and a reflection about idea of Joseph Beuys «social sculpture». Especially this project for Pushnitsky is the selection of new deep interest point - structures of all kinds and properties, from architectural, material to metaphysical and mental are now in the ray of his research.
Here and now. The large-scale personal project which will be shown in St.-Petersburg and Moscow.
Thursday, 23 July 2009 00:00
In archeology and in jurisprudence the term «in situ», that is «on a place» is often used. The project-exposition «Here and now» represents fixed excavation  of the artist creativity, the peppered cut on laboratory glass of gallery space. It is exposed here, working now. So, what is Vitaly Pushnitsky doing now? He is still a painter, continues to be the sculptor, works with installations, graphic arts, uses video for get better visual effects.... The anamnesis is clear. But simultaneously «Here and now» is an artist`s reflection on a society current state, environment where he lives. All objects become present time artifacts. Could we look at the present as we look into the past? It is really possible, for example - we learn some times Russian as a foreign language...
Show Me a Hero. The group project in London. Only oil painting. Calvert22 gallery.
Tuesday, 23 June 2009 00:00
A series of works MENINAS is exposed. The artist continues philological judgment of terms: the hero or a person? Or the character, and probably actor playing a role - everything is possible. A main question in this context is not WHO? but  WHAT? Pushnitsky always involves a backlash between  senses, game of variations of understanding of the same phenomenon depending on space, a context, an intellectual background of the spectator.
Especially artist thanks the exhibition curator - Jane Neal.

Vitaly Pushnitsky takes part in the famous Auction Philips de Pury, the common project with Moscow Pop/off/art gallery.
Thursday, 30 October 2008 00:00
The success is that one big-scale work of Vitaly Pushnitsky SKY I  was sold by Auction Philips de Pury, much more then estimated. The unknown collectioner took the chance and it was just one work sold out from the russian stand.
Insidere Venezia. The personal project in the new space of Pop/oof/gallery, Moscow, Russia
Monday, 07 July 2008 00:00
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SON. Персональная выставка, где Пушницкий впервые профессионально позиционирует себя как скульптор.
Wednesday, 23 April 2008 00:00
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Представьте себе комнату, не самую большую, но и не маленькую, с достаточно высоким потолком, с двумя окнами, дверью обычных человеческих пропорций, с лампами на потолке и паркетным полом. Представьте себе комнату. А теперь заполните ее.... Нет, не мебелью, не людьми, не вещами, не звуками и не детскими игрушками, не накрытыми столами с подсвечниками и жареной дичью,  не вазами с экзотическими цветами, не музыкальными инструментами и не кактусами.... Подумайте, чем ее можно заполнить? Заполнить так чтобы дыхание сжалось от этого объема, чтобы физически ощутилось пространство, чтобы оно сгустилось вокруг вас как вещество, как клетка, как аквариум. Подумайте. Головой.
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