As the title “TRIBUTE.PAINTING” suggests, the exhibition explores the topic of paying tribute trough art, within the history of art. This topic has been central for Pushnitsky during the last few years and this show is an occasion for him to sum up the results of his current work as well as to give credit to the great masters of art. Pushnitsky is learning from the great painters but also argues with them in his artwork, he doesn’t simply copy or quote them in a post-modernistic manner, he transmits his personal and profound experience, based on the most accurate analysis and subtle, sometimes ever ironic echoing with his favorite painters – Velasquez, Turner, Magritte and others.
The “TRIBUTE”- series is related to another series by Pushnitsky – “STUDIO”, reflecting on the painters place in the society/art-scene and the difficulties behind the creative process. Some of the most recent artworks from this series are exposed in this exhibition, among them a 9 meter long “Forest”-  the largest piece ever created by artist. This and other large paintings of this series are occupying an entire floor of the museum.
The exhibition in Novy Museum is more than a personal conversation between an artist and the story of art it’s also a tribute to the painting as such. For Pushnitsky the painting is the subject of a never ending exploration, whether it appears in its most conservative or most innovative form. The meeting between the painting and the new mediums, photos or motion pictures – all this appears to be a source of ideas and motives interpreted by Pushnitsky in his artwork. No coincidence, that Pushnitsky is listed among the top 115 artists who have made a fresh, unique or innovative contribution to recent painting according to PHAIDON (“Vitamin P2”, 2011)