Vitaly Pushnitsky (b. 1967), who gained reputation as an iconic Saint-Petersburg artist, works in several mediums. At his second solo exhibition in the Erika Deák Gallery, we focus on his new painting series, entitled Tribute.
Pushnitsky treats art as a mechanism of time. He sees the present-day artist as a binder, bringing together different historical periods.  He explores an individual vision of time and elaborates the imagery of world landscapes, developing a personal spatial perspective, conducting a constant dialogue with classical artistic tradition and marrying it with contemporary art. In his last series, he returns to the roots of painting, Tribute is the admiration of the painting as a media. We see classical still lifes and stagings, references to art history, as if he constantly builds bridges between past and present. Spiritual allusions and as well ties to the Russian iconic traditions appear, but at times he refers to social realism and post-socialist historical painting.

Erika Deák