Vitaly Pushnitsky’s solo project “Growing. Painting” is this famous St. Petersburg artist’s fourth exhibition in pop/off/art gallery. It further develops the well-known series “Studio” – the metaphorical image of a painter’s studio – on which Pushnitsky has worked for more than four years. In this project the studio is set in the natural environment, thus the artist affirms the inseparability of Man and Nature, the fusion of interiors and landscapes. Floral elements feature in some of the artist’s paintings, at the same time he brings the wholegallery space into play, achieving the perception of painting as installation.
The English word “growing”, included in the exhibition title, can also be translated as “growth” in the metaphorical sense, as well as “spreading”, for example, of vegetation. These ideas, expressed in one word, play an important role for Pushnitsky, linking his art to the creative process and to that of learning. Works of art are compared to growing organisms, painting is juxtaposed with the organic change of matter. Such an approach, similar to what is used in science or in Art when it interfaces with the latter, endows Pushnitsky’s painting with topicality.

Sergey Popov